Tips To Maintain Tresses For A Special Event

It takes a lot of prepping for one to look good on a special event or their big day. This could be any important day in their life such as wedding, graduation or it could be a casual party. One of the main struggles which mostly ladies face is to make their locks look good. There are couple of things one could do to maintain their tresses, some of them have been mentioned below.

Know which one works for you

Everyone has different hair type and texture and it’s important to know which hack works for them. Some people avoid having a shower on their big day as it becomes hard to maintain their tresses afterwards. Whereas others prefer washing it because it makes their locks more manageable. Before trying any hack one needs to know which one would work for them. If one doesn’t want to use any heating tools for the special event then they could opt for wigs. This will make their tresses look long and healthier and doesn’t damage them in the long run.

Get a new look

Usually after a haircut tresses look smoother and shinier due to blow dry. So if one has a special event coming up they could go for a makeover. This will make their locks look good at the event. If one has short hair then they could wear human hair wigs for the event. Not many people like the idea of wearing wigs as it looks fake. But there are different types and some don’t look artificial. This helps to make tresses look longer.

Pamper your beautiful locks prior the event

If one wants to have beautiful tresses naturally then they need to do a little prepping. They should trim their length every 3 months. This is to ensure that there are no split ends and their tresses grow faster. One should have shower only thrice a week because regular use of shampoo could damage the hair and lose its natural shine. One should have an oil massage at least once a week. According to research this will help to grow the length and also make it look healthier. Apart from this one could also apply mask at least once a month. There are different kinds of masks from different companies such as lush. However, one could make this masks even from simple kitchen ingredients such as egg. Staying away from styling tools will also help tresses to look good for the special event.Lastly a good diet helps to achieve healthier and beautiful locks. One needs to have a diet rich in protein which will help for hair growth.